Film Production

CI Services produce highly convincing and cost effective films from simple product demos as per the client’s requirements. We produce the film on location or in the studio. Our services that cover area like corporate sector, IT, Hospitality, Manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, military, government, energy, education and entertainment etc.

Our Film Production process is simple and clear. There are some major steps which we follow in our film making process which are as follows-

First one is a simple idea that is requiring for whole operation and for the best script and after this we analyze how we make changes in it or how to execute this story. We set a proper collaboration with our expert team and working continuously until we are not sure about its perfectness.

Second Step is to set this story which is complete with dialogues, positioning, planning and setting. This should be proper linear form and this is what we call it script. We never afraid to make changes in our script, if we get something good that is beneficial for our service than we definitely do it.

Under our third step we make a proper story board. Story Board is a drawing based process which represents the plan, positioning and shots for movie.

Cast and Crew is the major factor which is well considered by our professionals. We work as per requirement of best services. This step is only the big reason for our success because we all aware about our working strength and fit in their positioning.

Locations and Filming, We decide both of these things as per script. Every scene of film includes with different location and different video quality. We make high quality of pictures for movies. HD movies are our quality resolution for film.

In our Post Production activity, we check our full film and after going throw the movie we work on editing, effects, some require changes. We also analyze sound effects, color, music and color effects in the film. After filtering all the process we release film for the viewers.

We bring our expertise for fulfillment of client’s needs and expectations. Our aim is to deliver a memorable and a communication asset film to the client. Our team plays an important role as strong internal motivators.

CI Services is a young and dynamic production house operating of this scene. After carving a niche in the Indian Industry, CI Services is now looking to good services partners and production houses globally. We would like to help Indian talent and looking for honest partners to do business with us.