Logistics Services

CI Services has specialized in handling and delivering cargo safely and timely. As one of the Best freight forwarding companies in Dwarka, New Delhi offers you the most valuable tool in this highly competitive industry that is an Assurance.

Over the years we have become the most sought after custodians of various shippers and buyers worldwide. Through our vast network and specialized service CI Services has time and again delivered to the expectations of its clients. We understands that global supply chain management possible with proper planning, controlling and implementing of ideas that is helpful to accomplishing the tasks which is performed by people, diverse culture and national origin. We want our client to benefit from our services that we are offering. We want our client growth with us.

In the real business sense, logistics is not only the services but it is the medium to regulate the needs and wants of the society. Logistics is used more broadly to refer the process of coordinating and moving resources from one region to another. This industry is very vast.

CI services is a leading company based in Dwarka, Delhi, India which provide complete logistics services. We offer In House Logistics, Third Party logistics and logistics through TMS Software.

In House Logistics - Under the In house logistics services, we provide expert logistics team with you in your company to handles the safe delivery of goods with best transportation services.

Third Party Logistics – In our third party logistics services we provide best outsource of your goods from one region to another. All the pressure and logistic operation activity is held by us, if delivery refers to us by the parties.

TMS Software Service – We also provide logistics services through TMS Software. It is the safest and most economic way of logistics. We handle operation through this under the high level of expertise all over world.

What We Offer To Our Client in Logistics Activity

We provide complete package of our services once we entered in delivery of cargo from one region to another region. We are leading logistic company which work 24*7 with highly tracking standard of cargo. We ensure you about every minute update of your cargo through trough tracking parameters. We are offering you-

  • Warehousing Facility.
  • Loading and dispatching facility
  • Insurance facility for Cargo.
  • Packaging facility
  • Audit and Quality Assurance Facility
  • Transportation or shipping facility
  • International/ Domestic delivery facility.
  • Tracking facility.
  • Regular Information through sms/email.
  • Cloud Computing and communication facilities.