Merchandising Services

CI Services is a reliable company provides merchandising services across the globe. Our services area Surge Projects, Plano gram (POG) Maintenance, Seasonal support, Zoning, Resets, Signing Execution, POS placement, Display building, maintain and replenishment. We deliver our services as per client expectations.

CI services provide comforts to its client’s to make sure that retailer easily sell their products. What CI Services do for its client, we work as a mediator and we are the party involves with our client to boost his performance and hit the exact demand of customer. We are the person who is responsible for risk and encouraging sales.

We are fully aware of market, industry and work on market trends and this is what which requires for best business. We are leading Company which manages the merchandising process in smooth way. Our managing functions are as follows-

Pricing - Proper presentation of pricing or awareness of price for customer.

Visual Merchandising- This relates to the best practice of industry or business field. This is for maximize of sales.

Product Advertisement and Promotion- This is our key function to maximize sales and generate awareness in the market regarding product.

On-site Demonstrations- Basically this is the part of our promotion through our site or with our different sectors services sites.

Plano gram Design and Maintenance- Visual presentation of product for enhance sales with the proper maintenance like packaging, warehouse and goods store facility.

Signage-This is a marketing activity done by our sales for enhancing the performance and sales relates to goods and services.

Free Sample-Easy Availability of sample for client.

Product Stocking and Inventory Management - Availability of product in warehouse and dispatching product as per customer order.

Integrity, Inventory Audits and Verification- It means check of products (Measure quality standard) and verify before dispatching of product.

CI Services work with passion and our dedicated, experienced team ready to execute all over the country. We focus on deliver customized in store solution to maximize the return on investment. We also provide regular analysis, audits, warehousing and project management services to our client. We are fast growing professional company which delivers high quality of services that lead in the creation and delivery of innovative marketing and staffing solutions. We assist our customers at every stage from inception to expansion of organization.