CI Services provides end to end service for all type of outsourcing requirements and based in Dwarka, New Delhi. Our outsourcing services are in different fields like BPO, Constructions, Website, Data mining, Service Consultant and many more. We deals with large number of online shops and make sure the profitability on basis of our deep understanding of the market.

Basically this is also important to know that what is outsourcing. This is the activity which is done through the third party. This word largely used in BPO services but this is not completely true. Outsourcing can be anywhere any part of the services whether it is going through the third party. This can be exists domestically or internationally. It has a wide scope in India and you can measure our performance that is setting up a benchmark in the field of Outsourcing.

CI Services work with creativity and focus on the upcoming improvement in the world. We are already serving to our client’s all over the world. Our aim is to handle the task and aware the world about our services.

Our country is the most favorite when we come to the outsourcing company. Our location is globally appropriate and our company is able to provide the quickest time to market due to advantages gained by location and time zone. We are 24*7 service provider that works in three shifts each with 8 hours of time duration. Our service is highly cost effective and can be scaled up as per client’s parameters.

If you are looking for an outsourcing company then we recommend that you should go through us. CI Services is a leading company which helps to enable you to explore yourself. A company can take growth and set new goals and we are the best medium here to accomplish goals.