Project Consultancy

We, CI Services one of the leading company offering integrated technical consultancy services. We provide a global platform by providing right projects for research, survey, reports, investments, business and commercial database. We provide services in both technical and non technical sector. Our services area New Project Identification, Project Feasibility, Market Survey, Industrial projects, Technical & General counseling and economic reports on the basis surveys.

CI Services provides project consulting services across the globe. We believe in proper collaboration of work that is held in business activity. We provide service in five phrases and that phrase area as follows-

  • Entry and Contracting- If you are independent, you are meeting directly with a potential client. Our major steps of working at the stage of business are setting up the first meeting, exploring what the problem is, determining what is right in our work, listen the client’s expectation, specifying what expectation you have and figuring out how to get started.
  • Data Collection and Diagnosis - It’s important that consultant come up with the own sense of business. Under this we know how to take steps to solve the problem. We well know what method is going to be used and what kind of data is need to collected
  • Feedback and the action of act – Under this we decide how to involve the client of analyzing the problem. We handle the resistance before an appropriate decision that can be made about how to proceed. This is our panning and goal oriented phrase.
  • Implementing – We start some projects that start implementing with an educational event. This could be a series to introduce some changes. It may be based on our training session and that usually involved in rather complicated design work and running in meeting during training session.
  • Extension, Recycle or termination –We begin this with an evaluation of main event. In this case the process recycles and a new projects needs to be discussed. There are many options for ending the relationship and termination should be considered a legitimate and import part of consultation. We also keep the door open for the future work of the organization

CI Services want to grow your business and our risk free services give high return on investments. We believe in innovation and ensure our clients best quality and advanced technology. We contribute to the improve performance and our motive is also very clear to provide best services to our client.

We are committed to bringing about consistent improvement in quality and technical skills so that our products and service can accord with the optimum quality standard. We follow the ethical behavior and our customer centered approach motivates us and encourages towards accomplishment of goals.